d'AMORE : More than being in love. Made of love.

Methi Blonde introduces her new project "d'AMORE", which declares the love she has for music.

A brand new clubnight is added in the city's nightlife by four friends who live and work in contemporary Athens in order to show their love for anything that can be called "retro".

A love for the innocence of the 60s, the eroticism of the 70s and the excitement of the 80s, but also the aesthetics of these decades, from which they get inspired to set up the scenery for a crazy theme party on once in a month basis.

The basic music orientation goes to disco, psychedelic funk and the countless soundtrack of the era.

Methi Blonde, BĂȘte Noire, Sasa Drama Queen and JoePe Retrosexual Culture will tell you a story full of romance and nostalgia, fun, music, dancing and lots of love!

This story is captured by George Xesternos and his funky camera.

d'AMORE invites you #toKnowUsBetter

Let's meet at our first party on Friday, October 24th at ViBE (Skouze 3, Agias Eirinis sq.) shortly after 22:00!
If we already know each other, let's get to know us better and give you a taste of what is to come this year's season.
Make sure you wear something comfortable and don't forget your bright smile!

Methi Blonde

BĂȘte Noire

Sasa Drama Queen

JoePe Retrosexual Culture

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