Emperor Machine is the lust child of an EMS VCS3 and a Roland System 100. It was born on last day of the last century and was abandoned at birth. Andrew Meecham tells us a story full of psychedelic sounds and amazing disco electronics. This is the story of Emperor Machine...

1. How did the relationship between EMS VCS3 and Roland System 100 begin?

"It all began when I found a great use for my credit card. Sometimes waiting for the synths of your dreams is just no good and I knew if I got them they would inspire me to produce more music and that's a good thing."

2. Being born on the last day of the last century sounds like you have a mission. Do you feel that way?

"Yes I do have a mission to climb the walls of synths and begin to throw down my huge greedy size of a wealth for creative programing in a way thats not been done before."

3. Can you describe your sound?

"No not really, every time I do that the next day I change my mind and then again."

4. Emperor Machine is a grown up child right now. Are you satisfied with its progress so far?

"I dont think I have got where I want to be yet from a musical/creative point of view. Being satisfied is not enough for me, I want to be thrilled to the point of wanting more!"

5. What do you think about the lifestyle of a modern person living in a big city? What about his needs?


6. What are your influences?

"Every thing in any shape or form as long as it makes me feel good and sends shivers down my back then thats an influence."

7. If you should give up playing music, what would you choose to do?

"The only two things to do would be to repair synths and spend most of my time building them."

8. What are your future plans?

"Emperor Machine has two more LPs to record for DC Recordings, play some more gigs and after that I don't know."

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