David Vunk is a really respected and talented producer and DJ. Apart from that, he owns "Moustache Records" label and he is one of the top artists in Dutch scene. He will be in Athens on Friday the 17th of December at Yoga Bala. Mirage team invited him and he will play along with Technicolor and... me.

How and when did your relationship with music start?

"My dad is a musician, who made a 14-weeks number one hit, wrote and produced many records since the 60s on very big labels such as Polygram and EMI, to name a few, so, I grew up with it. I always liked collecting music when I was a young kid. In 1990, I met a friend who had 2 turntables and 1 year later I was already playing on small illegal parties."

How would you describe your sound?

"A good record is a good record, from pop italo disco till house and techno, it has to be for the dancefloor. I always want to play a high dancable set... Smooth, mean and sexy... Mixing skills are also really important to me."

What are your influences and what is an inspiration to you?

"My family (especially my father inspired me a lot), but also my friends who are also in music business. Some inspired me as a DJ and some as a producer."

Tell us about your label "Moustache Records". How did you come up with the name?

"I always saw men with moustaches on the sleeves of disco records... So, I thought that is a good name... :)"

What is an ideal party for you?

"Where the sweat falls down from the ceiling."

What are your future plans?

"Pushing my new sublabels from Moustache Records division, dj-ing, producing some nice 12 inches... about the same, as always!"

How do you feel about playing in Athens and what should we expect from you that night?

"It's my first time in Athens! So, I'm really looking forward to it... You can expect all kinds of dancemusic. Ola and new music, from disco to italo to house and of course, some unreleased material from the secret Moustache records vaults..."
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