Bottin in Athens

2009 was a very busy year for Bottin. The past year, the Italian DJ and producer released two 12” singles, remixes and his third album called “Horror Disco” in significant record labels in electronic disco and dance music scene, such as Italians Do It Better, Eskimo, Tirk and Bear Funk. In Venice, his hometown, he is a producer and sound designer, and his collaborations include, among other Italian artists, Lucio Dalla and Sergio Caputo, plus festivals and cultural institutions all over the world, such as the creative research center Fabrica of Benetton, the Cannes International Film Festival, the Biennale of Contemporary Dance in Venice, etc. His sets combine space and italo disco with retro-futuristic sounds and contemporary electronica. http://www.myspace.com/bottinski
ME8H (Methi) is an imaginary persona, who belongs to Vilma Hami, and defines as an anthropomorphous robot (android). The scientists, who manufactured her, programmed her to play music, which elects the beauty of human type and they sent her on earth in order to learn to people to express themselves freely. The cables that flow in her body are full of glitter and electricity. ME8H instead of heart has a tape, full of sexy electronic disco and spacey cosmic boogies, which she renews each 2 months from approved musical scientists of neighbouring galaxy.
Bad Spencer
Bad Spencer is the head promoter and one of the resident DJs of the Athenian DIY party “Yes it Does!! Sure it Does!!”. He is faithful to “anything goes” idea and depending on the situation you can listen to him playing disco, punk funk and vintage house but also electro, indie gems and techno, adding many pop elements. The last two years, he has played in most of the best alternative clubnights in town with local and international DJs, such as Cosmo Vitelli, the Glimmers, Disco Bloodbath, Allez-Allez, Serge Santiago, Feadz, Amateurboyz, Kormoranos, etc.

Entrance: 10 euros

Supported by Heineken

Media Sponsors : MTV, http://www.mtvgreece.gr/, BEST 92.6, http://www.avopolis.gr/

More info: http://www.bios.gr/

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